Sep 10, 2018 Meeting Notes

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Sept 10, 2018

Present First Name Last Name Affiliation
yes Kevin Snyder FDA
Elaine Thompson FDA
Kevin Cahill EPL
Bill Varady Boehringer-Ingelheim
Bob Friedman Xybion
Stephen MacMannis Pfizer
Fred Mura PDS
Anthony Fata SNBL
yes Hanming Tu Accenture
Yes Bill Houser Bristol-Myers Squibb
Atul Mishra Pfizer
Jared Slain MPI Research
Drashtti Vasant Bayer
Michael Muzyka MPI Research

As we discussed the topics for consideration this year, it became obvious that we each have different interests partly driven by our day-jobs. The proposal for going forward is to reduce our meeting frequency to monthly giving us more time to work on developing these scripts.

  • Safety pharm data set summarization for Latin square - Jared and Kevin.
    • Kevin shows the status of the app
  • Send test data factory - Bob (unable to attend today)
    • Inquired about project with group leader but has yet to hear back
  • GroupSEND function - Kevin - nothing today.
  • Repository Index - Hanming - will show some next time.
  • Programatic edit of xpt files and/or convert from xpt to excel and back to xpt: Bill and Tony
    • Bill shared the current status.

Action items:

  • We created space for Project Design Notes to be uploaded for each project. - Complete.

Follow-up action from previous meetings:

  • Jared received permission to share his Excel to XPT script. He is planning to contribute it to ..\phuse-scripts\trunk\contributed\Nonclinical\SAS\Utilities - SEND_easyExcelXPT. He placed it there but it isn't yet visible to others.