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Project Overview

Investigate how formal semantic standards can support the clinical and non-clinical trial data life cycle from protocol to submission.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Frederik Malfait Industry Co-Lead IMOS Consulting frederik.malfait@roche.com
Mitra Rocca FDA Co-Lead FDA mitra.rocca@fda.hhs.gov
Michael Brennan Project Manager Janssen MBrenna3@its.jnj.com
Scott Bahlavooni Communication Manager Genentech scottab@gene.com

Project Updates

CSS Teleconference: 31May2013 (Please note, there will be no meeting on 24May.)
WebEx Details: https://genentech.webex.com/genentech/j.php?ED=235097952&UID=490342492&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D
Call-in Numbers: https://genentech.webex.com/genentech/globalcallin.phpserviceType=MC&ED=230300157&tollFree=1

A recording of the 10May teleconference is available here.

Semantic technology use cases are being catalogued here. The sub-project to represent CDISC Foundational Standards in RDF will be starting shortly. If you would like to participate in this project, please add your name to the standard or standards of interest here.

Objectives and Timelines

Objective Timeline
Readiness assessment of the applicability of formal semantics to the problem domain of clinical trial data. May2013
Standard curriculum for semantic technology (elevator speech, basic introduction, training deck, reading list, etc.) Jun2013
Catalogue of Use Cases Jul2013
TBD Experiments TBD

Project Activities

Meeting Materials

Date Presentations Meeting Minutes Meeting Recording
12 April 2013 EmergingTechnologies-Semantic Web Presentation Meeting Minutes
19 April 2013, 26 April 2013 Demo of CDISC2RDF NA Meeting Recording
03 May 2013 Project Update, Use Case Example Python, SAS & RDFa by Marc Andersen Meeting Minutes Meeting Recording
10 May 2013 Representing CDASH/SDTM/SEND/ADaM in RDF Meeting Minutes Meeting Recording
31 May 2013 Representing CDISC Standards in RDF Update, ISO11179 Assessment, and Controlled Terminology Use Case Meeting Minutes Meeting Recording

Pages in Category SemanticTechnology