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* [[Repository Design]]
* [[Repository Design]]
* [[Code Hosting]]
* [[Code Hosting]]
* [[SPARQL for CDISC in RDF]]

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Use Case Overview

Representation of the CDISC Fundamental Standards - CDASH, SDTM, SEND, and ADaM - and associated controlled terminology in RDF.

Project Leads

Standard Name Organization E-mail
CDASH Geoff Low
Mitra Rocca
glow at mdsol.com
mitra.rocca at fda.hhs.gov
SDTM, SEND Daniel Boisvert
Scott Bahlavooni
daniel.boisvert at phuse.com
scottab at gene.com
ADaM Phil Ashworth
Josephine Gough
pashworth at topquadrant.com
josephine_anne.gough at roche.com
Core CDISC2RDF schemas assessment Kerstin Forsberg AstraZeneca Kerstin.L.Forsberg at astrazeneca.com

CDISC Liaison: Landen Bain, lbain at cdisc.org

Project Updates

CDISC2RDF Google Code Repository

Importing the cdisc2rdf code into the editor

Project Activities

Recruiting project team members: If you would like to participate in one of these projects, please add your name to the appropriate standard on the Discussion tab. If you have other thoughts or questions about this project, please feel free to start an discussion on the Discussion tab.

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