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Use Case Overview

Representation of the CDISC Foundational Standards - CDASH, SDTM, SEND, and ADaM - and associated controlled terminology in RDF.

Project Leads

Standard Name Organization E-mail
Team Lead Frederik Malfait IMOS Consulting frederik.malfait at
CDASH Geoff Low
Mitra Rocca
glow at
mitra.rocca at
SDTM, SEND Daniel Boisvert
Scott Bahlavooni
formerly at Genentech
daniel.boisvert at
scottab at
ADaM Phil Ashworth
Josephine Gough
formerly at TopQuadrant
formerly at Roche
Former CDISC2RDF initiative Kerstin Forsberg AstraZeneca Kerstin.L.Forsberg at

CDISC Liaison: Landen Bain, lbain at

Project Updates

Draft representation of CDISC Standards are now available on GitHub:
Please see the complete press release here

Representation of CDASH v1.1, SDTM v1.2/IG v3.1.2, SDTM v1.3/IG v3.1.3, SEND IG v3.0, ADaM v2.1/IG v1.0 and an example of CDISC Controlled Terminology in Resource Description Framework (RDF) is final. This work has been complemented by a Reference Guide and a User Guide. The package has completed CDISC Public Review as of 30.07.2015. The RDF files are available from the GitHub repository. The guides can be downloaded from the CDISC web site.

Future Work
Work has started within CDISC to create an RDF export facility from the CDISC SHARE metadata repository. The goal is to create the CDISC Foundational Standards in RDF directly from the SHARE repository and to publish future CDISC standards in RDF as these standards become available in SHARE. As the focus now moves to a SHARE RDF export, we maintain a code freeze for the GitHub repository.

Archived Content

Project Sub-Teams