SS P08 11Nov2013 Standard Scripts Project 08 Meeting

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Meeting Record

When: 11 November 2013
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Mary Nilsson
Scribe: Mary Nilsson
Attendance: Wei, Karolyn, Nancy, Terry, Kim, Sascha, Sheryl, Frank, Simin

  1. Discuss status of white papers
  2. Discuss communications


Status of white papers - We now have co-leads identified for the AE white paper. We are still looking for a co-lead on the Demographics/CCMed/Disposition white paper. Post-meeting note: Terry Walsh will lead the hepatotoxicity white paper.
As a reminder, the goal for these white papers is to have at least the displays (or a subset of the displays) ready for the Script-a-thon in March. There will be about 20 coders in attendance. Project 3 can help us determine how much content we really need to make the Script-a-thon successful.
The March Conference (PhUSE Computational Science Symposium) - Everyone should be thinking about attending! There was a discussion about the cost being more than what would be expected for a working group type meeting. It was noted that there will be more of an attempt to have the conference provide an educational experience in addition to working group time. It was also noted that the Working Groups should be referred to as "PhUSE Computational Science Symposium Working Groups". We should no longer call these "FDA/PhUSE" working groups, however FDA will still be involved.
We decided that the lead/co-leads for each white paper should think about submitting a poster for the March conference and for PharmaSUG. The timing will likely be right to share content in poster format, and the cost does go down for poster presenters (for the March conference).
We discussed some of the overlapping efforts. Kim brought this up as she saw some various presentations at CDISC (Ian Fleming presentation, one on CTSpedia, one on FDA Repository). For the first white paper, the graphics in CTSpedia were considered. The other white papers should probably do the same. The FDA Repository and TransCelerate also have potential overlap. Mary is keeping a list on the Wiki page. (Feel free to add to this list.) Mary will ask Mat if CTSpedia is still an ongoing effort. (Sounds like it might be considered done.)
Discussed scope of repository wrt programming language - The overall scope is not limited to SAS. We envision SAS and R for sure, plus anything else people may submit.
Next project meeting we will continue to discuss conference strategy and attendance. Mary will ask Dirk to attend our next project meeting (Dec 3rd). Everyone please forward any forums that we should have on our radar. (The list is being kept under the P07 wiki page.) I will ask Dirk to add FDA/DIA Statistics Forum and CDISC 2014, and to add separate deadlines for sessions, posters, roundtables. Of note, Karolyn normally attends the FDA/Industry Stats Workshop and Terry normally attends PharmaSUG.
Post-meeting note: To help the leads/co-leads of the white papers, please share any displays that you and/or your company like or normally use (if allowed). Also provide a list of topics that you think should be addressed in the white paper.

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