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Meeting Record

When: 08 October 2013
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Mary Nilsson
Scribe: Mary Nilsson
Attendance: Franciois, Karolyn, Simin, Sascha, Raphael, Kim, Nancy, Frank, Hanming

  1. Discuss status of first white paper
  2. Discuss next action items


FYI - As you might expect, I had a difficult time finding a time for these meetings that worked for everyone. I scheduled these meeting at various days/times with the hope that everyone can make some of them.
First white paper is essentially final. I am waiting on confirmation regarding acknowledgements. (Mary will follow-up with Chris Decker since FDA reps are in shut-down. If needed, we can have this brought up at the PhUSE board meeting on Sunday.) The final white paper will be posted on the PhUSE Wiki and we will use DIA's process for posting white papers.
Everyone - Please forward any abstract deadlines for conferences you believe would make sense for us. Project 07 will be helping us track these. (See the Project 07 Wiki page for a start of the tracking sheet.)
Francois will present an update on our working group at the PhUSE annual conference. He also prepared a poster for White Paper 6 which he will present during the poster session.
Discussed remaining white papers. We really want most (if not all) remaining white papers to be final or near final (at least table and figure shells final) before the FDA/PhUSE March conference. A Script-a-thon is planned and we want our shells to be used as target outputs. White Papers 4 and 5 need leads. Simin volunteered for White Paper 4 (to be confirmed after follow-up discussion). At the upcoming PhUSE annual meeting, those attending (Francois, Sascha and Frank) will help recruit for active participants and for reviewers, and for a lead for White Paper 5.
FYI- Dirk from Project 07 is working on a solution for our group on how best to collaborate on these white papers (as opposed to emailing drafts and getting comments via email.)
We discussed what might be needed to make the Script-a-thon successful. We might need more detailed requirements and/or annotation to the shells. Nancy will follow-up. We'll think about if and how to include such detail in the white papers.

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