SS P08 02April2015 Standard Scripts Project 08 Meeting

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Meeting Record

When: 02 April 2015
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Mary Nilsson
Scribe: Mary Nilsson
Attendance: Simin, Jim, Christos, Gustav, Nancy, Terry, Peter, Mercy, Rebeka, Sheryl, Hanming, Karin

  1. Welcome to new members
  2. Computational Science Symposium – Debrief
  3. Liaisons with various other groups
  4. Outline timelines for the white papers


  • We'll have meeting approximately monthly.
  • Gave befrief on CSS - Mary will make minutes. (outlier/shift white paper, Questionairre white paper - gave background (ADaM group working on this - need thoughts on analyses for this work, draft on CDISC site, scales with special way of analyzing is out-of-scope; Hepatotoxicity-did get some early feedback, AE white paper- )
  • Our scope will now include ADaM for the white papers - We can utilize the ADaM to help.
  • Mercy - "Repository Content Delivery liaison", Karin/Nancy - ADaM liaisons, Mary-CFAST/TransCelerate/PhUSE group
  • Projects have been re-positioned
  • Goal for next symposium - full package for central tendency - White paper with ADaM, scripts for the displays in really good shape and qualified, instructional material on how to use a script, and associated educational material (e.g., video clip on how to interpret a boxplot)
  • We need to define what it means to include ADaM - description of the input data for the scripts
  • We need to develop a process for receiving feedback from the coders to the white paper authors
  • Goals for the year:
    • Version 2 of the Central Tendency WP
    • Version 1 of outlier/shift (within a month or two)
    • Version 1 of hepatotoxicy, AE, QT with ADaM (done or close to done within the year)
    • Version 2 of PK, Demog/Disp/Cmed/Outliershift (don't have to be "done" within the year - at least progress)
    • Questionnaire WP - get further along within the year (done?)
  • Mary to put these goals on the project page

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