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Mike Carniello


  1. Documentation Location?
  2. What should the link from the Index Page open?
  3. Action: Chris to update github structure to reflect our consensus on scripts, data, documentation
  4. Action: Hanming to update Index Page after points 2 and 3 answered and done

We've reached consensus on this: /root/qualified/ae/meddra/

Do we document like this?: /root/qualified/ae/meddra_user_manual.txt

Do we document like this?: /root/qualified/ae/meddra/user_manual.txt

Do we document like this?: /root/qualified/ae/meddra/documentation/user_manual.txt


Hanming: These steps:

  1. Make a local version of the github content
  2. On the local machine, create the new structure and move contents into it
  3. Upload that updated local content to github

Who can try to do this?

Chris Butler can try to do this?

We will take Chris' silence as agreeing to this. :)

Decide on how to update the index page to point to github content, non GoogleCode content ''''

Hanming will try to do this - update the index page to point to github content - but only should do this after it's been moved.

One question:

We had as columns:

Name, Title, Source, Type, Language, Keywords, Qualification

but they all didn't display in a browser.

So we choose to display columns:

Name / Title / Qualification

(with the recommendation that we be sure to put language into the Name extension: eg, demo.R )

What should the link open to? The script ? The folder ? The documentation ?

Let's raise that in mail.


  • what we agreed to
  • what question we have: data folder
  • what question we have: what should the link from the index page open?
  • action: Chris to use github to make new structure and migrate (mike help migrate)
  • action: after that, Hanming update index page