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We believe we can go like:
We believe we can go like:

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Mike Carniello




(short meeting - need leave at 5 before top of hour)


  1. Documentation Location?
    1. Done - see notes below
  2. What should the link from the Index Page open?
    1. Done - the link should go to the folder (which should be very clean)
  3. Action: Chris to update github structure to reflect our consensus on scripts, data, documentation
  4. Action: Hanming to update Index Page after points 2 and 3 answered and done


When user clicks on link in the Script Index, they should go to the folder which holds the script, the yml file, the documentation and all that stuff. They should go to the folder.

If it goes to the folder, the folder should be "clean" - not have too many files.

What to make it easy to find the script of interest.


We've reached consensus on this: /root/qualified/ae/meddra/example1.sas

  1. root
    1. qualified
      1. ae
      3. meddra
        1. MEDDRA DOCUMENT 1 (Mike, Gustav, Joy)
        2. example1.sas
        3. example1.yml
        1. MEDDRA DOCUMENT 1

Peter would go one level higher than this, but is willing to compromise

Do we document like this?: /root/qualified/ae/meddra_user_manual.txt

Do we document like this?: /root/qualified/ae/meddra/user_manual.txt

Do we document like this?: /root/qualified/ae/meddra/documentation/user_manual.txt

We believe we can go like:


  1. Make a local version of the github content
  2. On the local machine, create the new structure and move contents into it
  3. Upload that updated local content to github
  4. On Index Page, display: Name / Title / Qualification