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  • Mike C
  • Rebeka
  • Adie
  • Kim
  • Ippei
  • Peter
  • Nancy
  • Dirk
  • Mike S
  • Qian
  • John
  • Kirsten


  • Demonstrate updated script files and yml files on repository. Hanming is working on building the index wikipage, see some draft example below. The idea is that Hanming will continue on the Perl script which reads the yml files and build the hyperlinked index wikipage. This wikipage is something we can "publish" out to the WORLD.
  • Examine the contributed "demographics" content and decide how to make it real and useful. Adie and Aiyu Li have a meeting for early May to look into the demographics content. Note that these programs use SDTM, not ADaM. However, the goal of this subgroup is to get this delivered stuff working so that any company can use this content. This is part of the FDAs internal work, and provides some initial review. Idea: ask the FDA how they use this internally? Because we may want to re-write to use ADaM instead of SDTM.

Idea: add a 'status' column and send out for all to update. Also, take back up to leadership on the topic of "done" or "publishing" or "releasing."

Also: PharmaSUG 2014 will run a Scriptathon in June 2014. Content will not be from white papers (already allocated and not enough new content since March 2014) - so we'll use CTSpedia content.

Working Draft of the Index WikiPage

Index Page Description

Standard Script List

Standard Script Index Page
Name Title Type Language Keywords
MetaData_template.yml SAS (9.2.1) PK, Dual Box
box_obs_time.yml Boxplot of observations vs time figure SAS (9.2.1) Central, Boxplot
box_obs_time_R.yml Boxplot of observations vs time figure R (x.x.x) Central, Boxplot
mean_time.yml Mean time plot figure SAS (9.2.1) Central, Mean Time Plot
demo_summary_R.yml Table of Demographics table R (x.x.x) Central, Boxplot
hi_lo_abnorm.yml ()
shift_table.yml ()
param_summary.yml ()
plot_mean_conc.yml ()
plot_subj_conc.yml ()

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