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Mike C Adrienne B Austin T Chris B Gustav B Hanming T Jeno P Peter S Rebeka T Frank S Grace L Dirk S


  1. Mike to ask PhUSE to redirect: to: or:

  1. Chris and Mike to outline a folder structure – visually – for group review.
  2. Chris will look at editing Wiki page in Github which we present to “external users” (will bring in Hanming as needed)
  3. Chris and Mike to meet and create a list for delegating at May 18 2015 meeting – with suggested priorities and time commitments.

Discussion Notes Structure that is agreeable to everyone. What scripts go where. Peter: validation, scripts and documentation. Different stuff for R and SAS?

Frank: It’s “qualification”, not “validation”.

Suggestion: visual of directory.

Mockup of what a tree looks like. Keep a lot of what was in Google code. May need to add folders to support the qualification effort.

Mike: too hard to author on phone jointly, but can jointly edit/review on phone.

First problem to solve: layout the folder structure – where contributors can place code, where Dante/Peter can put qualification content/files – and where new users can access.

Test dataset – from NIH or other sources.

Examples of access xpt files stored on repository – both R and SAS. So clear examples etc. of how to access.

Test datasets – not hidden in qualification content – someone might want to use a test dataset.

Data area at root level – and example code which shows to use that data.

If we find good test data, version for testing programs.

Mike: when considering folder structure:

RGI users – need to know certain things – whole repository RCD users – need to where put qualification documents and all that External users – need to know where to download code Contributor users – where to deposit and/or test code

Prioritize the list? Time commitment? If we can do those two things, get better volunteers.

Next meeting: May 18 2015

Unordered list: Structure (helpful for qualification, RCD WG) Place for Data (including code to read data) (Jeno) External viewer presentation (for universe of people who want to download code) (outward view to the world) Ways to communicate/advertise the repository (is it ready for prime-time?) (draft?)

       Sharing with PhUSE members in monthly mailshot (“what’s new in the repository this month?”)
               SDE Event distribution: a one-slide update (in EU, US, ROW) (Adie B, Chris H, Ajay)
       PhUSE GPP documents – we should use this