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Mike C






-- reviewed Chris Decker's response to the meeting proposal

- Dirk will ask Chris status on the proposal at PhUSE board meeting

- if we fail to get SAS support, we could make it an SDE and then ask SAS for sponsorship/license

Script-Athon Proposal Open Items

  • SAS in the cloud

-- Mike - no luck in getting response from SAS (SDD environment?)

-- Dirk - no luck in getting response from SAS (SAS Web Editor environment?)

SAS can sponsor?

  • Day/Time of event

keep on monday night as in the proposal, or move it to Wednesday SDE? Wait for PhUSE direction.

  • Input: CDISC ADam Pilot SAS xpt dataset sources

Nancy - not published yet by CDISC. Nancy has mailed Wayne K on this topic. Again, when it does open in CDISC, we can copy over to the repository.

  • Output: Target mock table shells

Wei has joined the discussion, as she has worked a lot on the White Paper around measures of central tendencies.

Graph images in the white paper were developed by Wei (and others at Lilly) ... a couple of those images were copied out from the white paper draft by mike and pasted into a new Wiki page: Scriptathon2014 targets

Nancy: organize this ahead of time. Don't spend on time at the begnning deciding who is going to do what. Dirk: when you sign up for the codeathon, you can get hooked into what will be done. Work: hooking up particpants with targets, and sources


In Wiki, design mapping document (spec) framework - which associates input and output - variables and content - image - Text description - Figure number identifier in white paper/fda guidance - Detail text identifier from white paper/other source - source dataset and source variables - person

--- Nancy will try one example/frame

-- John - using an example of SAE listing of ADaM data Start with simple tables, then branch out from there

- Wei - FDA table from guidance - different opinion on a shell; some would challenge this presentation.

Sources: FDA/PhUSE White Papers, CTSpedia content, FDA Safety Guidance documents


New topic but didn't get to it

What framework/modularization for scripts in Script-Athon? One suggested strategy: build scripts in clear blocks, with sections for:

  1. - reading in source dataset
  2. - manipulating data
  3. - summarize data
  4. - getting summary into a dataset
  5. - printing the summary dataset (or exporting in Excel, etc.)
  6. - Use Good Programming Practice content?