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Mike C






-- reviewed Chris Decker's response to the meeting proposal Dirk will ask Chris status on the proposal at PhUSE board meeting if we fail to get SAS support, we could make it an SDE and then ask SAS for sponsorship/license

Script-Athon Proposal Open Items

  • SAS in the cloud

-- Mike - no luck in getting response from SAS (SDD environment?) -- Dirk - no luck in getting response from SAS (SAS Web Editor environment?) SAS can sponsor?

  • Day/Time of event

keep on monday night as in the proposal, or move it to Wednesday SDE? Wait for PhUSE direction.

  • Input: CDISC ADam Pilot SAS xpt dataset sources

Nancy - not published yet by CDISC. Nancy has mailed Wayne K on this topic. Again, when it does open in CDISC, we can copy over to the repository.

  • Output: Target mock table shells

Wei has joined the discussion, as she has worked a lot on the White Paper around measures of central tendencies. Graph images in the white paper were developed by Wei (and others at Lilly) ... a couple of those images were copied out from the white paper draft by mike and pasted into a new Wiki page: Scriptathon2014 targets

Nancy: organize this ahead of time. Don't spend on time at the begnning deciding who is going to do what. Dirk: when you sign up for the codeathon, you can get hooked into what will be done. Work: hooking up particpants with targets, and sources

Idea: In Wiki, design mapping document (spec) framework - which associates input and output - variables and content - image - Text description - Figure number identifier in white paper/fda guidance - Detail text identifier from white paper/other source - source dataset and source variables - person --- Nancy will try one example/frame

-- John - using an example of SAE listing of ADaM data Start with simple tables, then branch out from there

- Wei - FDA table from guidance - different opinion on a shell; some would challenge this presentation.

Sources: FDA/PhUSE White Papers, CTSpedia content, FDA Safety Guidance documents


New topic:

What framework/modularization for scripts in Script-Athon? One suggested strategy: build scripts in clear blocks, with sections for:

  1. - reading in source dataset
  2. - manipulating data
  3. - summarize data
  4. - getting summary into a dataset
  5. - printing the summary dataset (or exporting in Excel, etc.)
  6. - Use Good Programming Practice content?