SS P03 25NOV2014

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  • Mike C
  • Hanming T
  • Dante Di T
  • Mike S
  • Frank S
  • Ippei A
  • Dirk S

  • 1. PharmaSUG scripts - still need to be added to repository! This remains with Nancy B.
  • 2. Dante reviewed the proposal for qualifications, it's on the wiki

There are stages of qualification, and roles to work on those qualifications.

But: maybe one person can take on many roles!

The roles break down the process to manageable steps.

There's not external time pressure. We can take time to do this right.

First impression can make or break a project.

That first experience should be as good as we can make it.

What is our time schedule? Maybe tie it to the white paper release.

Good idea to get these qualified, and tasks broken down by roles.

Dante will "shrink" the content and send to those on the call for a review.

We agree that using this as a landing page is the right one:


Dante outlined top priorities, walked through the ideas of how to promote and process a script.

How to break this down for an interested participant to make some contribution. Not as easy as a review of a white paper, or other reviews.

Frank will reach out to Matt Becker for a SAS test environment.

Dirk will follow up with Revolution for an R environment.

Dante will send the short version of qulification ideas/workflow map.

Mike will solicit volunteers to work through demographics scripts.