SS P03 23SEP2014

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  • Mike C
  • Hanming T
  • Peter S
  • Adie B
  • Lisa A.H.
  • Mary N.
  • Frank S.

  • 1. PharmaSUG scripts - still need to be added to repository! This remains with Nancy B.
  • 2. Scriptathon at PhUSE Conference

- SAS system that we used at CSS

- R system that we used at CSS - 10 people signed up so far

- Mike will send instruction package with URLs, sample scripts, and login accounts

- Mary and Mike will talk on adding targets

- Mike will open to group to help in annotating targets, or work with Mary on it

  • 3. What about reviewing existing scripts? How do we qualify these scripts to the next level?

Dante has a proposal for qualifications, it's on the wiki

  • 4. How do we publish this?

Some discussion on updating the table with keywords, White Paper labels, etc. - before releasing.

Lisa to look at other scripts.

Mike to bring up it at PhUSE conference discussion club - 15 minutes to represent standard scripts.