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Should we bring up to CSS steering committee?
Should we bring up to CSS steering committee?

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Mike C

Dante T

Dirk S

Hanming T


Chris B likely dropping out of active role - but can still help with Github repository if pure direction is given.

To really complete pieces we want to complete - to make these standard analyses really usable - need to come up with another way of resourcing.

Need to get things done - not just contribute to a discussion.

Need to resource these in a different way.

Would like to be in a positiion to do this when we meet in March 2016.

Sponsors to support w/dedicated resource? University students to help? Stronger FDA statment? - if you all do this, we'll put it in JumpStart (for example).

We all feel we don't have enough time to contribute - can't apologize for it.

Do we approach Transelerate into co-sponsoring some of this work?

CDISC ? It took years to do it. Practically, less than a handful to make it work. Companies spend a lot of money to be a part of CDISC, plus with the FDA's "blessing" - it behooved the industry to actively donate resources.

Can we ask CDISC for any lessons learned?

Should we bring up to CSS steering committee?

Action Mike to write Mary about this - copy in Dante, Dirk, and Hanming.

Action Hanming to re-build index page to point to only the WPCT content - two .sas files and one .R file.

This index page is aliased to the world as: code.phuse.com