SS P03 23JAN2014

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Mike C

Nancy B

Kim M


  • Script-athon registration

19 people registered!

Again: those of us involved with organizing this thing should NOT register for the Script-athon, so that the spots will be open.

T-shirts will be there!

Pizza and soft drinks - no alcohol (but can take from poster session)!

Start at 6 pm, end at 11 pm!

  • SAS in the cloud update

(from Dirk): Still on track, they will NOT be hosting an R environment. We will need to use

  • CDISC ADaM datasets in repository (and on SAS server for event)

Action: Mike to post datasets in repository Action: Mike send mail to Dirk asking him to make sure that the SAS environment has those datasets

  • Action: Open item: decide naming convention

Since we're using the same script folder in the repository, we do need a naming convention. target01.R


Idea: use these names for the event, but then rename when moved out of event folder. The renamed scripts should have a more useful name (and useful location).

  • Action: Introduction script/approach - and conclusion script/approach.

Action: Mike write something for introduction and conclusion. Idea: make it an agenda, post in wiki for all to review. Include those expectations that John had worked on. Set expectations early and firmly.

  • Annotated target table shells

It's here: Scriptathon2014_targets

Action: Nancy work on Target annotations.

  • Action: More targets?
  • When SAS work is done, how are those scripts going to get from the SAS cloud into the repository? These scripts will need to modified to work out of the repository. This should be testable BEFORE the event: once the SAS cloud window is open, we can create a script in the SAS cloud, then download into the repository.
  • Action: Kim will attend Mary's meeting on Tuesday morning, ask for more targets!

Next time:

  • SAS cloud
  • Look hard at agenda
  • Look at targets