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Mike Carniello

Joy Li





Review/update of script metadata (YML tags)
Status? Updating the github structure (or adding to it)
Reflect consensus view of structure decisions on program, data, etc. locations
Status? Updating the Index Page
Display: Name / Title / Qualification
Link to the folder holding the script


  • Chris B has action to update github structure and migrate content (no update at this meeting)
  • Hanming has action to update Index Page - will need to wait for github structure update
  • Dante is proposing a set of index columns

- Name - Title - References -- White Paper -- Output Specs -- Output Example -- Test Plan -- Test Code -- Test Results

(these latter items are YML entries which don't yet exist) (script would only print content if YML content (that is, links) do really exist)

And because of sorting and display issues, suggest to use PhuseWIKI table:

instead of the index page in Github

There's too much noise on the Github Script Index page - PhuseWiki is cleaner.

Revised Actions as of this meeting:

1. Chris B to create new github structure and migrate.

2. Dante updates his test project (Central Tendency White Paper package) with new YML tags. Dante can do this simultaneiously with Chris' work on updating github structure. Dante's work is NOT location-senstive; things can move anywhere.

3. Hanming updates the PhuseWiki Script Index to use new YML tags and new github locations.

Extra notes:

YML that Dante will work on:

And also Dante will create a YML file(s) in this folder as well: