SS P03 21JUL2014

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  • Mary N
  • Nancy B
  • Hanming T
  • Adie B
  • Frank S
  • John G
  • Eric S
  • Mike C: excused - on vacation
  • Dirk: excused
  • Check for any new items or updates
    • Not much
  • Old Action Item Status
  • In Index Wiki, add column with link to white paper location
    • Mike to add tags and URLs in YML files pointing to the White Paper; metadata will be {"White Paper","<title of white paper">,URL of white paper}
  • Add PharmaSUG Scriptathon programs to Repository, with associated YML files
    • Nancy will collect the programs, and send to Mike
    • Mike will upload into repository and create template YML
    • Nancy will update YML template files with real content
  • Other ideas for improvements to the table
    • Add a thumbnail of the object being created, maybe a link?
  • New Action Items
    • Hanming to add Source column to the index tables [done]
    • Mike to add Source content to the YML files [done]
    • Nancy to follow up on getting the PharmsSUG Scriptathon content into the repository, with associated YML info [on-going]
    • Dante and team to work on qualification column, moving scripts to different stages [on-going]
    • PhUSE Annual Conference
      • Two posters for PhUSE annual conference
        • whitepaper poster
        • repository poster
      • Prepare for October scriptathon - PhUSE annual meeting
        • Prep whitepaper to define targets
        • Recruit volunteers through registration - Dirk to follow up on this
      • PhUSE annual meeting - main session: Chris Decker's hosting;we need to prepare 10 minutes
    • Up-coming deadline for abstract of CDISC US Interchange (Jul 31) - Nov 10, 2014
      • Frank will work with Nancy to prepare an abstract