SS P03 20MAY2014

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  • Mike C
  • Hanming
  • Frank S
  • Adie
  • Ippei
  • Kim
  • Kirsten
  • Yingshan


  • Review the status of "who is doing what" and decide how to maintain momentum.
    • Re-assign/re-volunteer Target 19
    • Ippei writing R programs for several targets

Target Target Content Script Name Any Updates or Comments? 1 "Central Box Obs Time" "target01.Rnw" "ippei: Update YML file." 2 "Central Box Chg Time" "target02.Rnw " "ippei: finish to write the R script in few days" 3 "Central Box Both Time" "target03.Rnw " "ippei: start to write the R script after target02.Rnw complete" 4 "Central Mean Time" "target04.Rnw" "ippei: start to write the R script next week"

    • Kim is working on targets 9 and 10
    • Some boxplot SAS scripts use PROC SHEWART, which is part of SAS/QC, which is not licensed by some/many companies - what should we do about that?
  • Examine the index page to the scripts, and consider "publishing"

Here's the link:

Looks good - some suggestions for future work: -- add a "sort" capability on columns -- add links to the actual white paper which served as source for the script

  • Examine the status of the contributed "demographics" content
    • Good news - the demographics package was udpated and set to be runnable! The instructions and the associated .zip file are here:

  • Update on PharmaSUG 2014 Scriptathon

Using 17 targets from CTSpedia

  • Plan next meeting!

Mike C is leaving Takeda, to some other destination. He will set up or pass the baton to future teleconferences. He will cancel current set. Next meeting is planned for June 10 2014. (Adie on holiday for two weeks).