SS P03 20FEB2014

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Mike C


  • SAS Environment
    • We're all set, this note from Matt Becker at SAS:

We have a plan at SAS for the code-a-thon. We will have a virtual environment that users will log into via their browsers, it will take them to published apps via Citrix (SAS Display Mgr, EG) and they can work as normal. We are planning to have this environment up relatively quickly for testing. The largest concerns are individuals machines and security policies that may be on them and the connection at the conference center. We also plan to send the web link to the Citrix apps to all of the users before the conference so that they can do a quick test on the machine they plan to use to ensure they have everything installed that they need.

    • SAS does now have the datasets to use
  • Script-athon registration
    • Done
    • ACTION Mike will send out informatino document to all registrants after SAS environment is established

Instruction document draft (Mike) It's here: Scriptathon_instructions.docx

  • ADPC and ADPP samples for PK targets
    • Mike contacted Francois about uisng their datasets, and that will happen at end of February 2014
  • Annotated target table shells
    • It's here: Scriptathon2014_targets
    • Nancy added quite a few annotations, looking for review
    • ACTION Kim will send Hanming the pages to use for demog/disposition White Paper
  • Teleconference with participants before the event?
    • explain what the evening will look like
    • answer questions (take notes, and mail questions and answers)
    • ACTION Wednesday March 12 2014 at 10:00 US Central Time (Mike to schedule) (will need to expose email addresses)
  • Target assignment

-- Create printed target document and use as sign up; make it clear that it's okay to have multiple people on one target.