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1. Assigning work to WG members to clean up the repository - Chris to present images/walk-through of what’s there now (copied from Google Code repository) - Discuss each folder and its value o Assign a WG member to each folder – who?

2. Data folder – Jeno

3. How to advertise repository (w/Dirk) – who?

4. Small (one page? Two pages?) executive summary on using Git, Github and this Repository by a SAS or R programmer – who?

5. Edit the entry point README file to give a precise and enticing repository/project introduction – who?

Mangled notes, from Chris!

The lang folder has too many levels, with the visual supporting this thought. My feeling is we need to have a similar structure under each lang child folder. I would leave this to statisticians on the team to determine appropriate folder names. I do like having “graph” and “report” folders for both R and SAS. My feeling about data, however, is that we need a separate parent folder (parent meaning directly under the phuse-scripts GitHub repo.

Have a scripts folder based on topics – not on lang – with language scripts under each topic.

Maybe root topics replaces lang… Rebeka and Gustav will head up the effort.

Do we want separate yearly Scriptathon folders? No doubt that it is possible to generate a lot of content at a Scriptathon, but perhaps each year’s contributions should be moved under the docs parent node?

Create a new node “playpen” – move Scriptathon folders.

Whitepapers is a very clean implementation as well. Not sure we care to modify what exists today.