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1. Check changes in code (all)

Nothing has been modified since June 20 2013.

Sort of a writer's block.

Need a target - perhaps the white paper on central tendencies. Try to organizer developers to work on it.

Action: Kim will look at white paper and try to make a list of items/targets on the wiki, and a space for scripters to put our names on it. Nancy will also help to look for data sets.

Action: Mike to find/post internet-accessible datasets that could serve as input. Maybe at SASHELP.* datasets. Look at NIH site.

2. "Hackathon" update (Mike C)

3. Incorporating a patch (Hanming)

Hanming demonstrated how to apply a patch - Mike's original .sas file was patched by Kim, and Hanming did the work. It worked well. Action: Hanming to document this process in a pdf file, which he'll put on the SVN help page within

4. Getting contributions (perhaps out of scope, but still useful)