SS P03 16DEC2014

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  • Mike C
  • Hanming T
  • Dante Di T
  • Mary N.
  • Lisa.t H.
  • Rebeka T.
  • Adie B
  • Frank S
Meeting minutes
  1. PharmaSUG scripts - still need to be added to repository!
    • Nacy B already compiled the script and sent to Mike.
    • Mile will upload and create YML (metadata file)
    • There are some works needed to be done
    • The plan to add them into repository and to the index page
  1. Script qualification

Dante reviewed the proposal for qualifications, it's on the wiki There are stages of qualification, and roles to work on those qualifications.

    • We will use FDA DM scripts for an example to demonstrate the qualification process.
    • Frank will reach out to Matt Becker for a SAS test environment, preferably a user account for a year .
    • Dante will write up a short description for recruiting volunteers
    • Hanming will contact PHUSE office to send the description through email blast
    • Dirk has stopped following up with Revolution for an R environment.
    • Frank: create a slide to indicate linkage among the groups