SS P03 15AUG2013

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  • Demonstration in SAS SDD to run program which is hosted in repository:

options source source2 ;

filename dirk url "" ;

%include dirk ;

  • Dirk supplied SAS code:

/* SAS code to read an XPT file from the code repository and convert it to a SAS dataset */
/* Use HTTP instead of HTTPS. Path is case sensitive. */
filename urltest url '' debug;
libname urltest xport;

proc copy in= urltest out= work;

Outstanding Action: Ask Nancy to get and post CDISC Pilot ADaM datasets in the repository; based on "proof of concept" with SAS (above) and previously with R, we only need to get the .xpt files (Version 5, of course)

Outstanding Action:

Mike to update Wei Wang's contributions to the repository to use .xpt file as input

Oustanding Action: Mike to write up on Wiki the demonstration of executing R and SAS code in the "cloud", using data and scripts that are hosted in the repository. Mike's opinion: this kind of the thing is near-mandatory for Code-athon, and perhaps useful for contributing scripts at other times as well.