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Mike C

Nancy B

Hanming T

John G


  • Script-athon confirmed for that Monday night
  • Reach agreement on sentence and paragraph
  • SAS in the cloud - Plan B
  • ADaM datasets as input - Plan B
  • Output: Target mock table shells


The 2014 CSS will feature the first ever "Script-athon" – join us for food, beverages, and a hands-on opportunity to jump-start our code repository!


The 2014 CSS will feature the first ever "Script-athon" - a hands-on opportunity to jumpstart our code repository! Participants will create standard scripts for predefined target tables and listings using SAS or R. You'll need to bring your own laptop loaded with one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari or Firefox. An evening meal is included as part of the program, and once you sign up, you'll be contacted beforehand to get your repository/computing environment accounts established, and to get associated pre-meeting instructions. Note that participation will be limited, so sign up early!

SAS in the Cloud

SAS Institute is working with us to supply a cloud-based computing environment for the Script-athon! No Plan B is needed.

-- Mike: I think we're in good shape for having a computing environment for SAS and R.

ADaM datasets

Nancy will bug Wayne after the CDISC Interchange to post. Plan B is grabbing them before the Script-athon and posting for the Script-athon use.

  • provide some guidance on what to produce - where to produce it, a table or a graph. What environment? Can anyone think about that? John: two visions of repository customers --- beginners and those w/more experience. John will think about this - with Mike, and bring something back in a couple of weeks.

In Wiki, design mapping document (spec) framework - which associates input and output - variables and content

- image

- Text description

- Figure number identifier in white paper/fda guidance

- Detail text identifier from white paper/other source

- source dataset and source variables

- person

- basic annotations and programming instructions

Nancy: provide an example of a target table, annotated with instructions. Will shoot for an update in a month. This is sort of a "target of the targets."

-- What does a successful Script-athon look like???

The definition of a successful Script-athon is to finish with a code repository holding draft scripts which can be used by industry, government and academia to meet a specified set of safety tables and listings.

Also (fix this text): a set of step-by-step instructions on how to read in data, write, change a program, copy the program. And proof that the steps work.

Mike: draft a definition and send in mail.

Actions: - Mike to send Chris D an update on Script-athon paragraph - John to set a meeting w/Mike to talk about script look - Nancy to draft an annotated table shell to serve as a target for targets

What framework/modularization for scripts in Script-Athon? One suggested strategy: build scripts in clear blocks, with sections for:

  1. reading in source dataset
  2. manipulating data
  3. summarize data
  4. getting summary into a dataset
  5. printing the summary dataset (or exporting in Excel, etc.)
  6. Use Good Programming Practice content?