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  • Mike C
  • Hanming
  • Peter
  • Adie
  • Nancy B
  • Kirsten
  • Lisa
  • Yingshan
  • Frank


  • Check for any new items or updates
    • Hanming working on YML index
    • Ippei updated an R program
  • Review wiki index and determine what gaps exist to make it publishable
    • Hanming is working on a "sort" capability on columns
    • Suggestion: Add a thumbnail image of the output/target
    • Drop Version and Rating columns
    • Keep Qualification column; how does something move from development to test? Is this the remit of the Project02 group with Lina and Dante.
    • add links to the actual white paper which served as source for the script
  • Get an update on the Scriptathon at PharmaSUG2014
    • 26 signed up
    • 8 actually showed up
    • 6 or 7 scripts - got copies of the programs
    • Nancy reaching out to owners to check statuses


  • In Index Wiki, drop Version and Rating columns
    • Hanming can do this
  • In Index Wiki, add column with link to white paper location
    • Mike will update the YML contents, and Hanming will update the Index
      • "Target" tag - update with some URL associated with the white paper
  • In YML files, update Qualification contents to "blanks"
    • Hanming can do this
  • In Index Wiki, add FDA/Demographics row (need associated YML file)
    • Adie will update the template with the real contents
    • Hanming will add the row to the index
  • Add PharmaSUG Scriptathon programs to Repository, with associated YML files
    • Nancy will collect the programs, and send to Mike
    • Mike will upload into repository and create template YML
    • Nancy will update YML template files with real content