SS P03 09JAN2014

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Mike C

Hanming T

Nancy B

John G

Dirk S

(absent) Kim M


  • Script-athon registration

Eight people registered for the script-athon; in addition, the "regulars" will NOT register for the script-athon when they register for the CSS conference. Others? Mike, Hanming, Nancy (?), John, Dirk, Mary N.

Mike is meeting with Chris Decker and Steve Bamford about the event (the week of Jan 13).

  • Script-athon folder structure
  • SAS in the cloud

Mike suggested a simplied folder structure for the event: ../trunk/scriptathon2014/scripts ../trunk/scriptathon2014/data

Dirk: for the free SAS server we have for the event, we will NOT be using the SAS scripts (and the R scripts, if SAS hosts R for us).

We'll need to copy the datasets to that SAS server for the event - and develop the scripts there. Then, after the event, move everything back to the repository.

R? Not an issue with R if use SAS Institute can also install R on the free server, then everything is one place. If we want this, we need some R specs for SAS to set up the installation right.

Action: Mike to mail Mat Soukap and ask him to provide what R specs/packages should be installed on the server for the event.

  • CDISC ADaM datasets in repository (and on SAS server for event)

Nancy following up with Wayne K at CDISC.

  • Script-athon instructions - reviews?

Action: Open item: decide naming convention.

Question: Who will be administrator, who will be scripters: Mike, Dirk, John, Nancy, Kim, Hanming. Idea: Those on the call will NOT script for the first part, will be there to answer questions.

Idea: How to start, end the session?

Action: Dirk: will work on introduction script/approach - and conclusion script/approach.

  • Annotated target table shells

How to provide specs? Should we post online - post it in the Wiki ahead of the event, and send the link.

General instructions: if one document holding all white papers, then instructions go in that one file. If each white paper has its own document, then the general instructions should be in their own document, too.

Should the targets be in a separate pdf? Or in the wiki itself, using images and wiki-text-tags to display the images. Keep in my pdf - but at some point, someone could wiki-ize the content.

On the other hand, maybe a wiki is better for editing, etc.

Action: Mike to try a target wiki , Hanming to help.

Action: Get more targets! Nancy to follow up with Mary.