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Mike C

Nancy B

John G

Hanming T


  • Annotated target table shells (status check) (Nancy)

--- Still open, still working

  • SAS in the cloud (status check) (Dirk)

"We appear to have a solution for you, but wanted to get these out there first.

- How big is the data?

The data will be the CSDISC ADaM Pilot datasets. It will be around 100 mb. Note that the source data is planned to sit in the PhUSE repository, so we will NOT need it loaded into the SAS environment. We plan to use the URL access method to read in the datasets. So, the SAS WORK space will need to big enough, but not permanent space.

- What structure is the data?

It will be the CDISC ADaM Pilot datasets.

- How many users?


- What types of analyses and reports? o Classic safety and efficacy reports? Yes. Nothing too fancy.

o Data mining exercises?


o  ? - What SAS tools would be need (Base, Stat, Graph, Enterprise Miner, Enterprise Guide, Display Manager, etc.)

Base, Stat, and Graph. And some sort of Display Manager or other interface in which programs can be written. The participatns will be experienced SAS programmers.

- What’s the duration of the contest?

Approximately six hours, March 17 2014. However, we will need access for two weeks before to prep and make sure all is well, and two weeks after to make sure we pull down anything left that we created.

- What needs to be pre-loaded onto the system?

Nothing, except user access accounts (depending on that works). The vision is that we would supply a list of names say two weeks ahead of time, and then get the account info and share it with the users PRIOR to the event, so they could make sure they can log in, etc.

- How are the ‘winners’ of the code-a-thon determined? Are there winners? Does everyone get a trophy? It hasn't been designed as a contest - the idea is to populate our repository with SAS programs that work and can be downloaded to staff at industry. If SAS willing to provide entrants with good SAS swag - we'll take it! :)

  • Definition of successful Script-athon (draft) (John)

Discussed a one-page slide prepared by John. Reached consensus, will send out for team review, and finalize in next meeting.

  • Posting ADaM datasets (placeholder, no action for this meeting) (Nancy)

-- no update