SS P03 06MAR2014

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Mike C Hanming Nancy Dirk


  • Script-athon Info Sheet
  • Teleconference with participants before the event
  • Target assignment
    • Create printed target document and use as sign up; make it clear that it's okay to have multiple people on one target.
  • WiFi at Convention Center
    • Better than it was - Nancy B. But still some concerns about its speed. Can we offer some portable hotspot? Frank was at CDISC Intrachange - he got the technician of the bldg in touch w/Matt Becker of SAS. But, there's nothing we can do about it.
  • Participant Teleconference Content
    • Ask for volunteer hotspots to help with WiFi
    • Review agenda
    • Look at targets before conference
    • Test acess to SAS and R as needed using their own accounts before conference
    • Own equipment (PC, Mac, iPad) - NO VPN is needed - do not use your own (your company's) SAS and R