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Check Actions:

1. Hanming to add some text pointing out the license, as there is no mechnical way to have a click-through license agreement with Google Code. (DONE! - Check out the front page of project in Google Code) (we also added a link to the "readmefirst" content)

2. Mike C to add project members to Wiki Page, but not emails, and send links etc. to the 10 people on the call today. (DONE!)

3. All: edit the Inventory Page (DONE!)

4. All: Get access to the repository in, and make sure you are in the repository as a committer. Users will need to send Hanming email address to get on Google Code. (DONE, at least users on the call today)

5. All: Mike will set up a real script that we can jointly collaborate on, so that all can get a good taste within google code. (DONE: it's table


Mike Carniello

Kim Musgrave

Nancy Brucken

Hanming Tu


Joy Li

Sam Tomioka

Yingshan You

Dirk Spruck

Jingyee Kou

Dany Guerendo

Ian Fleming

Lina Jørgensen

Rambling notes collected by Mike C:

Kim tried to edit the starter code; but because she wasn't at that time recognized as a "comitter" - she could only document a patch (an "issue").

Question: should we do this as a process - suggest a patch - instead of editing the code directly?

Question: if someone does propose a patch and it's an "issue" within Google Code - how can that patch be integrated into the program - using the browser - or git?

Action (all): Figure out how to apply a suggested patch to a program. Either in the browser, or via a client application (TortoiseSVN for example).

Question: when looking at source page on google code, how to quickly navigatge down to a program of interest? Must save a link as a bookmark to the browswer. Or - create a Wiki page on PhUSE wiki to hold your active links.

Question: How can I create a new folder, and move an existing object into that new folder? Answer: can't do this in a browser. An administrator must create a folder structure that browswer-based contributors can use.

Action: Diagram of what contributors do - and what tools they have - and what administrators do. Things like incorporating a patch, deleting some object, making a folder. What are the limits that you have by working in a browser? Is this already here?: User_Guide_for_Standard_Script_Repository