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Mike C

Nancy B

Kim M

Jean-Marc F

Dirk S


  • Script-athon registration

20 people registered - and it's closed. We have the e-mail addresses. Mike will work on getting accounts set up in R, and Hanming will do same for the code repository. We'll have to wait on SAS, for now.

Note: Use BCC when mailing content Note: Do NOT use names in Wiki

Action: Mike to work on getting the instruction documents set up. He will send to all for a review.

  • SAS in the cloud update

Dirk: no update as of Feb 6 2014. Waiting.

Action: Dirk will continue to follow up.

  • CDISC ADaM datasets in repository (need to put on SAS server for event)

Action: Dirk to work with SAS on getting the dataset files onto the event's SAS server.

Action: Mike to contact Francois about getting sample ADPC and ADPP datasets for the Scriptathon.

  • Script-athon 2014 Agenda

It's here: Scriptathon 2014 agenda

  • Annotated target table shells

It's here: Scriptathon2014_targets

Need to add annotations, and add new targets from at least two other white papers - AE and PK.

Action: Nancy and Kim to work on annotations in the target wiki page.

  • Teleconference with participants before the event?

-- explain what the evening will look like -- answer questions (take notes, and mail questions and answers)

Action: Yes, let's do this: Wednesday March 12 2014 at 10:00 US Central Time (GMT) Action: Mike will set this up for all on this call, plus all Script-athon registrants.

- let people decide what they want to work on ... then team-up, or not. no assignments. Have people pick ahead of time - then decide at the conference. Put sign up sheet on the wiki? No. Printout a big sheet and ask people to sign up at registration. Print out the targets as a reminder. Or, 20 page document with 20 targets on it - with sign up underneath. And make it clear to have multiple people on one target -arbitrate that.

Action: All - Think/Organize the Agenda page -