SS P03 05DEC2013

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Mike C

Wei Wang

Kim Musgrave

Hanming Tu


  • Action:

Mike to cancel Thursday Dec 2013

Mike to schedule 2014 Meetings thru March

  • Script-athon registration

(23 people have signed up for CSS, 1 of those for the Script-athon)

  • SAS in the cloud

-- Dirk will follow up with SAS after January 1 2014

  • Press/PR with PhUSE

-- The Script-athon now has a page/link on the CSS Meeting Overview page

  • CDISC ADaM datasets in repository

-- follow up in January with Wayne @ CDISC

  • Annotated target table shells (status check)

-- Discussed draft target document White Paper targets have figures and summaries combined - but is that standard at all companies? Some companies have standards around font sizes and colors. Some companies don't do those combined displays. Well, perhaps once the scripts are out there then the output styles WILL become standard across companies.

-- Create a separate document: "Code Development Notes"? This document has Wei's initial code, and anything else like that (including how to access datasets in repository) - no code in the annotations.

Idea: Put the "code development notes" in the same target document - not a separate document.

Idea: Where to put fonts, point sizes, colors? Put a new bookmarked page in the target document with general requirements. Also, add specific requirements get put in the annotation page.

Action: Kim - re-create the target document and send out for review, talk about it first week in January. Also add back the "code development notes" - so all Script-athon.

Ask the White Paper group to review the "target document" after it's drafted.