SS P03 02NOV2015

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Mike Carniello

Peter S

Chris Hurley





Follow up:

  1. Jeno will add YML file for
  2. Hanming will generate a list of other scripts which need metadata (YML) files

Dirk update

Semantic group wants to have a hands-on session in the evening. The RDF stuff and SPARQL language, etc. Only single was modified in 25 instances of SAS server sessions.

A different flavor - hands-on work, but not in SAS and R, etc.

Maybe work with the other group - figure out how to work on Monday night, and then after that.

Separate out new and "old" participants in the working session.

Some persons might test out scripts, etc.

Some persons might work with Dante on finalizing the project he's leading.

Tim Williams and Marc Andersson - copy them on that message to Chris @ PhUSE for planning - that Monday pm work session.

Plan for working sessions at March 2016 CSS

Use the "scriptathon" Monday time in the evening to work on the repository - use the afternoon time to plan what to do in the evening. In the day discussions, break down the work into smallish segments and get 1,2,3 people to work on the segments.

In the afternoon, describe the user stories - into small pieces - and then work on that stuff in the evening.