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Standard Scripts Working Group Project 03 Subgroup

May 2 2013 Meeting

Attendees: Mike, Hanming, Sam, Ian

Agenda: 1. Decide on next steps regarding User Guide document 2. Decide on next steps regarding File Structure document 3. Decide on next steps regarding Roles/Responsibilities Document 4. Create plan for Repository Inventory 5. Decide on meeting schedule

Notes: Mike talked about items 1 and 3. In his opinion, it is quite good and not worth spending time on right now. There are two areas to address:

  • How to flag an issue with a script
  • How to resolve conflict of concurrent editing

What about file structure? Mike suggests to put the "topic" higher in the tree, above "language." Hanming indicated that Ian was working on an index page, so that the code-level structure wouldn't need to change. Ian indicated that maybe the PhUSE Wiki might not work well for this.

How to build an index page? Hanming says to maybe build manually. This is sort of like Agenda item 4. Maybe build metadata or tags or headers in code files so that a post-processing "scraper" could build an index page.

Also helpful to make the index page dynamic - maybe sort or filter say by language.

Hanming will think about this metadata tagging thing. Ian will continue to explore how to do through Wiki.

Mike build a manual index page as a prototype, and try to link it to the SS main page; Sam will review and provide comments.

Hanming brought put the User Agreement topic. The steering committee has drafted a user agreement - somehow users of the code repository need some "click through" process to agree that's okay to post. Mike brought up an example like here:

How can this idea/concept be used with ???

In the draft, users must "own" the code in order to post it - and all "owners" must agree.

Mike, Sam will look into how this might work with our code repository.

Hanming also pointed out that we should: Look into some technical issues (save/publish, rollback, lock, block-on, etc.) -

Mike will schedule recurring meetings, for every two weeks, starting on May 23 2013.