SS P03 01AUG2013

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  • Action: Kim will follow up with Mary/Wei on changing the code to use the ADaM datasets (from CDISC pilot). Or, Kim can change Wei's code - that's a good experiment, anyway.

  • Datasets as input. Nancy wrote:

According to Wayne Kubick, the ADaM pilot datasets are supposed to be moved to the public area of the CDISC website sometime in the next few months (they aren’t there yet). If they haven’t been moved in time for the Script-a-thon, we should be able to grab them anyway, since they are considered public domain at this point.

  • Best bet is to use the CDISC ADaM and SDTM pilot. Action: Mike will get CSV and XPT versions and try to post on (contact Wayne Kubick at CDISC).
  • Mike and Kim reviewed what Mike has done w/RStudio. Question: Can SAS use a libname statement w/URL path? Action: Kim and Mike and John look that up!
  • Action: Mike - does R read SAS .xpt files? This has been answered by Kim's link, but will test it.
  • Hanming documented process to apply a patch:

  • Kim sent link on how to convert SAS data to R

  • Need to have white papers really set the target of what to produce
  • Mike is continuing to follow up on Script-a-thon - separate discussions.