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Meeting Record

When: 09:00 am - 10:00 am, 26Jun2013
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Hanming Tu
Scribe: Mary Nilson
Attendance: Mike, Jean-Marc, Dirk, Hanming
Excused: Mat, Steve

  1. Review action items
  2. Outreach meetings: PharmaSUG, Statistic Forum
  3. Report from each project

General discussion

  • Review action items
    • Hanming: there is an email from Chuck about the FDA scipt and the list for DM posted in last meeting minutes. FDA lawyer has been engaged in discussion about posting the TOC and scripts into PhUSE repository. Another very useful information is the usage statistics about the scripts.
    • Dirk: There is no Wikpedia page for PhUSE yet. Dan B. will look into it and probably write it.
    • Hanming: the steering committee had asked about project updates from each project team. Some project teams from the standard script group has sent the update to the committee.
  • Outreach meetings:
    • International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA): Qi Jiang had attended the meeting
    • DIA: Steve is chairing a few sessions in Boston and can get PhUSE message out there
  • Project update

  • Project groups:
    • how to energize the groups?
    • how to get regular communication to the users?

Follow up

Action Items
  • Steve/Mat will check into whether it is possible to get FDA script TOC into repository
    • Script list: Review the list from Steve and discuss whether we can post it
    • Usage stat of the FDA scripts
    • Actual scripts
  • Mat will follow up with Keavan Anderson from Merck
  • Mike will update the project update section for P03
  • Jean-Marc will update the project update section for P05
  • Dirk will update the project update section for P07
  • Wikipedia entry for PhUSE - Dirk
  • Get project 07 and 08 together for action plan - Mary
Next Meeting

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Wednesday)
We will conduct this meeting once every other week (twice a month). Next meeting: 10 Jul 2013

Agenda for next meeting:

  • Review action items
  • Outreach update
    • Discuss PhUSE poster paper (due on 9/6/2013)
    • DIA feedback
  • Project Update
  • Prepare for group discussion in PhUSE Annual Conference.

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