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Meeting Record

When: 09:00 am - 10:00 am, 21Aug2013
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Mary Nilsson
Scribe: Mary Nilsson
Attendance: Mat, Dirk, Mary, Lina, Mike
Excused: Steve, Hanming

  1. Review action items
  2. Outreach update
    1. Discuss PhUSE poster paper (due on 9/6/2013)
    2. DIA 50th annual conference preparation
  3. Project Update

General discussion

  • Dirk is working on project management software for project leads. He will be working on this with all project leads across the working groups. He will be sending an email in a few days. Briefly discussed our technology challenges. Mat - might think about wiki pages with access control for docuements. However, wiki is not good for developing documents (e.g., for our white papers). Maybe alternatives to Google docs - (target October).
  • Action Item update
    • Mat - appears progress is being made on FDA script list into repository (seeing some email activity)
    • DIA abstracts - Mary will talk to Steve off-line (what topic area or areas to target); Mary will set-up a meeting for next week to get aligned on strategy.
  • Dirk will work on outreach tracking tool. We'll do our best to fill-in our past presentations. For future work, this will help us track deadlines. Mary and others will help populate it.
  • Mary will try to catch-up on Friday on which PhUSE SDEs we're participating in
  • Project update
    • P03 (Mike) - A lot of progress! Testing things for code-a-thon and for general use. Test data has been added to P03 wiki page. Code has been tested and works with just needing internet and internet browser.
    • P07 (Dirk) - Will be working on tracking tool. Will plan on having joint meeting with P08.
    • P08 (Mary) - Still targeting PhUSE annual meeting to have first white paper completed. Will then work hard on other white papers so we're ready for code-a-thon. Will plan on having joint meeting with P07 to aggressively communicate first white paper and recruit additional help/reviewers for remaining white papers.
  • Outreach update
    • Lina: draft poster has been prepared. Lina wasn't on audio for the meeting and Mary missed that the draft was sent in email. Review of the draft poster will need to happen via email or next meeting. Deadline is September 6th.
    • Everyone: Working on DIA strategy/abstracts. If multiple sessions, several of us will need to be thinking about getting an abstract together. Mary to set-up meeting for next week to get alignment. Abstract Deadline - Sept 9th.
    • Mary/Hanming: PhUSE single day event (SDE) in Wayne, PA is finalized and there is enough speakers right now. Look out for other SDE.
  • Project groups:
    • how to energize the groups?
      • Code-athon could be a mean to get people involved and energize the groups
    • how to get regular communication to the users?
      • send out meeting updates

Follow up

Action Items
  • Dirk looking into document development options (target October)
  • Dirk will work on outreach tracking tool
  • Steve/Mat will check into whether it is possible to get FDA script TOC into repository
    • Script list: Review the list from Steve and discuss whether we can post it
    • Usage stat of the FDA scripts
    • Actual scripts
  • Mike and Mary is to prepare case summary for the group discussion in PhUSE annual conference
  • Need to make plan for possible presentation at the PhUSE SDE in Redwood City (Sept 26th)
  • Wikipedia entry for PhUSE - Dirk
  • Prepare abstracts for DIA 50th annual conference (wait for Steve to get more input on this)
    • one session abstract - Mary
      • Mary:focused on whitepaper;
      • Hanming/Mike: focused on repository;
      • Mat: FDA script TOC and repository
    • OR two sessions (?)
      • white paper sesson: more generalized
      • script repository session: broad and crowd sourcing
Next Meeting

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Wednesday)
We will conduct this meeting once every other week (twice a month).

Agenda for next meeting: Next meeting: Will try for next week to discuss DIA strategy and review of Lina's poster

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