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Meeting Record

When: 10:00 am - 11:00 am, 06Jan2016
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Hanming Tu
Scribe: Hanming Tu
Attendance: Hanming, Dirk, Mat, Mary, Dante, Peter
Excused: Steve, Mike

  1. Steering committee - Mary
  2. Review action items
    1. Get the rest of scripts from FDA
  3. Plan for PhUSE/CSS
    1. Prepare for posters
    2. Prepare for the workshop session
    3. Scriptathon or something - October PhUSE Annual conference
  4. Project Update
  5. Special events

General discussion

Steering Committee Update - Mary
  • New projects are proposed and to be processed in the committee
  • New process such as in Standard script WG to be tried in other groups
  • Collaborate with CDISC
  • PhUSE contribution in different areas such as visualization, implementation, tech stack, repository, etc.
  • Start Webinars Wednesday in 2016
  • Motivation for project progress: Selected Steering members will work with Standard Script WG.
  • Possible project from best practices for data collection instruction in Optimizing Data Standard WG.
Review action item
  • Get the rest of scripts from FDA - action for Steve/Mat; Mat will send an email to Crystal A.
  • Steve: Review CTSpedia codes - it has done before and need to review it again. It may be down the road and it is a low priority.
  • Mary: We should make the JumpStart scripts enhanced so that FDA and others all use the scripts from the repository; not the other way around.
Planning for PhUSE and CSS
  • Prepare Posters: revive the version and show concrete steps towards the version.
    • how many? two (whitepaper and repository)
    • assignment: Mary - whitepaper; Dirk - repository; draft done by 1/8/2016
  • Prepare workshop session:
    • Index page creation
    • Dante: whether is it possible to propose a project related to generate test data
    • Dirk: focus on Github environment
    • We need to pre-create Github accounts for participants who will do the demo.
 “Hands-On with Github and the PhUSE Standard Script Repository”
 3/14/2016 Monday, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
 The Standard Scripts Working Group has developed a Script Repository for storing shared code.  
 The Script Repository utilizes the Github platform.  In this session, we will explore the philosophy 
 of Git and the Github environment. Participants will focus on the Github structure for PhUSE’s 
 Standard Scripts, including the placement of content for the Central Tendency Package. We will 
 also work on creating the Index Page for the Standard Scripts. Attendees should come with a device 
 with a web browser (laptop, chrome book, or a decent-sized tablet).
Project Updates
  • No time to get project update

Follow up

Action Items
  • FDA plan for releasing the rest of scripts - Steve/Mat
    • Meeting every month and will bring it up again
    • Mat to send an email to Crystal
  • Poster preparation: draft by 1/8/2016
    • Draft for repository - Dirk
    • Draft for whitepaper - Mary
  • March session preparation
    • Send out preparation slide template to all the project leads - Hanming
    • Set up bi-weekly meeting before the March meeting - Hanming
    • Prepare Central Tendency Package and process - Dante/Peter
    • Plan for the Monday evening session - Mike/Dante
Next Meeting

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (Wednesday)
We will conduct this meeting once per month.

Agenda for next meeting: Next meeting: TBD

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