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Meeting Record

When: 09:00 am - 10:00 am, 06Aug2014
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Hanming Tu
Scribe: Hanming Tu
Attendance: Dante, Hanming
Excused: Steve and Mike (JSM, Boston, August 3-7, 2014), Dirk (meeting conflict), Adie (on vacation)

  1. Steering committee - Mary
  2. Review action items
  3. Outreach update
    1. PhUSE Annual Conference
    2. Other conferences?
    3. Dirk: For the CSS communications I need to provide “expected list of activities including new projects and deliverables“ (up until the next CSS conference). Can you please discuss this during today’s meeting?
  4. Project Update
    1. P02: Qualification of scripts in the repository

General discussion

  • Steering committee - Mary
    • No update since last time. We have not had meeting yet.
    • Communication team: crossing all the groups - newsletter, group highlights; we will be asked to provide content for the newsletter; monthly newsletter
    • Process committee: one place to go for tools for all the groups; whitepaper deliverable need to go through the steering committee before it goes out; Dirk will work on the communication and the process.
    • Discussion about the conference structure: how to strike the balance between conference time and work session.

Aiyu: download the datasets from CDISC; Adie and Aiyu will upload the enhanced DM scripts into the repository.

  • Action items completed:
    • prepare the posters for DIA 50th Annual conference: Deadline for poster is May 29; Jun 5
      • whitepaper: Mary/Karolyn Kracht - Accepted! Need to work on the content.
      • platform: Hanming/Mike/Dirk - Accepted! almost finalized in the content. The poster was printed and ready to be presented next week.
    • Schedule semi-annually TC for the whole standard script group - Hanming
      • After DIA conference:
      • Dirk: office will consolidate the emails and put into one mailing list for the whole standard script group; it is done -!!!
      • Dirk: webnar was discussed for all the CSS participants
      • The agenda will be the project update
    • FDA plan for releasing the rest of scripts - Steve/Mat
      • meeting every month and will bring it up again
      • still work on it
    • Update communication plan to include new deadlines for year 2015 - Dirk [in progress]
    • resend out the email about volunteers - Mary forwarded the email to Dante
  • Outreach update
    • Steve presented at Computational Science Symposium about Standard Script
    • Discussed the need to build communication plan for year 2015
    • What we want to do for DIA EuroMeeting: broad for general discussion or joint one with TransCelerate
    • ISCB: Mary is working on a poster for it.
    • DIA EuroMeeting: we still have time to prepare abstracts fro sessions and posters
    • PhUSE Annual Conference: we will take the two spots but we need to figure out the logistic for printing and presenting the posters
      • Two posters for PhUSE annual conference
        • whitepaper poster
        • repository poster
      • Prepare for October scriptathon - PhUSE annual meeting
        • Prep whitepaper to define targets
        • Recruit volunteers through registration - Dirk to follow up on this
      • PhUSE annual meeting - main session: Chris Decker's hosting;we need to prepare 10 minutes
    • CTSPedia: Mary Banach
  • Project Update
    • P01: Look for existing scripts and store them in the repository (Adie Bonwick and Aiyu Li)

Ongoing - Aiyu/Adie will work on uploading the script and creating YML file for each script.

      • Look into the DM script from FDA: almost done and ready to be uploaded.
      • Find out the rest of the scripts from FDA
      • Finished work and already uploaded the scripts but need to create metadata (yml) files
      • Look into MEAD code for repository?
    • P02: Define qualification steps for scripts in the repository (Dante Di Tommaso) - Dante
      • get up speed for the history of the project
      • test data for qualification
      • script and tests to be executed in different environments
      • GOALS: 1) define qualification stages: D(developed), T(tested), and Q (qualified); 2) work flow (process): a) developer; b) code reviewer; c) testers: test data and steps; d) users: executed (qualified) in two different environments by at least two users; e) whitepaper reviewer.
      • will start recruiting for those roles.
      • Dante gave presentation on the proposed qualification plan. The presentation can be found at File:WG5 P02 Proposal - 2014.pptx.
    • P03: Maintain and enhance platform (repository) for sharing scripts (Mike Carniello/Hanming Tu) - Mike
      • Got scripts from Scriptathon at PhUSE/CSS
      • Targets are defined for PharmaSUG scriptathon; 20 people signed up
      • Jeff Low - run scriptathon against EDC system such as MediData Rave: dataflow creating SDTM dataset from medidata

• The CSS Scriptathon code is well indexed (as you know) • One more script came in recently, needs to be added (Mike to follow up) • PharmaSUG scripts need to be added (follow up Mike and Nancy B) • Annual conference Scriptathon still planned (October 2014)

    • P04: Legal ownership and issues in open source repository (Sally Cassells)

Task completed, creating a summary is planned

    • P05: Create templates and metadata for documenting scripts and coding practices (Jean-Marc Ferran and Eric Sun) - N/A
    • P07: Implement and further develop communication plan for standard scripts (Dirk Spruck) - Dirk: no more update
      • Newsletters: materialized quickly from newsletters
      • Webinars regularly
    • P08: Create white papers providing recommended display and analysis including Table, List and Figure shells (Mary Nilsson) - Mary
      • two whitepapres will be ready for public review
      • One whitepaper is out for review
      • MeDRA Code:

Follow up

Action Items
  • FDA plan for releasing the rest of scripts - Steve/Mat
    • meeting every month and will bring it up again
  • Update communication plan to include new deadlines for year 2015 - Dirk [in progress]
    • Recruit couple of volunteers for P07 to work on updating the communication plan
  • PhUSE office: open spots for two posters in annual conference - Mary/Adie/Dirk
    • Responding to the email - Mary
  • Corresponding with TransCelerate - Mary
    • There will be a sub-group to work on this
  • Reach out to ADaM team - Mary
    • Through the same forum; through TransCelerate
  • Send out reminders to all project leads for the coming TC - Hanming
    • Time: in the second week of September
    • Reminder to project leads to prepare slides
  • MEAD code in repository - Mary

Next Meeting

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Wednesday)
We will conduct this meeting once every other week (twice a month).

Agenda for next meeting: Next meeting: TBD

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