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Meeting Record

When: 10:00 am - 11:00 am, 05Jul2017
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Hanming Tu
Scribe: Hanming Tu
Attendance: Wendy, Mary, Andy, Jared, Hanming
Excused: Peter

  1. PhUSE SC update
  2. Special topics
  3. Project Update - Project Leads
SC committee update
last meeting was cancelled, so no update.
  • SC maintains project updates - Send updates to Hanming and Mary and we'll update the document
    • Mary and Hanming will collect updates and then send the update to Wendy to update the document.
    • Mary and Hanming will aggregate the updates and create a summary for Wendy - the shorter the better!
  • Version control in general is being discussed within the SC - We'll update the group when finalized
  • PhUSE - ASA collaboration meeting: next meeting is on Friday
Crowd-sourcing an interactive Safety Review Tool
  • Next step - Mat, Steve, Mary will meet to think about next steps, some momentum for R Shiny
  • People are interested in the interactive tool in general and may be more interested in open source tools such R Shiny. Spotfire is not open source, and only one person is interested in trying out Spotfire templates. Socializing the deliverable is still the goal but may not be the focus for this year.
  • "Something Big" education should be the focus and the interactive tools might be later.
    • Brenda - Mary's supervisor is creating a video for the SDE in July 13th - it is the first step for "something big" education, which will be published on PhUSE deliverable catalog.
      • Mary/Jared will send the video to Wendy and Wendy will post it on PhUSE website.
      • We may or may not need to edit the video. Is it possible to document the steps for creating a video like this one?
Document Versioning
  • We need to come out a guideline for identifying files that we do not need or think that it is not value anymore.
  • We could archive old ones, move them to wiki site and create a pointer in repo to point to the wiki site
  • Wendy is facilitating the discussion on document version control; next meeting is on 7/28;
  • So far it is all about documents; how about codes?
  • Repo project team to draft a proposal then present to the team to be discussed.
PhUSE annual conference
  • CSS WG club - it is still under discussion
  • Wendy to look into whether there are anyone from our WG who will be attending the conference.
Project Update
  • P01 - SDA: Script discovery and acquisition (Rebeka M Revis; Alfredo Rojas)
    • Version 1.1 FDA contributed white paper has been finalized and uploaded to the Deliverable Catalog, we'll update links once we know the exact format of the document name
    • Need to remind JumpStart reps that they were going to tell us which scripts are used more than others; we got back from the rep: they are equal.
  • P02 - RCD: Repository content and delivery (Gustav Bernard; Andrew Miskell; FDA Liaison: Mat Soukup)
    • Focusing on outliers/shifts white paper
    • Formed one team to work on scripts
    • Formed an R team (currently have 4)
  • P03 - RGI: Repository governance and infrastructure: (Mike Carniello and Hanming Tu)
    • Focused on getting the test server: the server is created and has been used by Tim W.'s team.
    • Cross-industry R group has nice front-end to get ideas from
  • P07 - CPE: Communication, Promotion and Education (Jared Slain and Wendy Dobson)
    • Updated the wiki pages and added posters and events
    • "Something Big" to promote the whitepapers
      • Create an educational series on analytical and statistical methods from the white papers
    • Hanming sent an abstract on "Defining Script Metadata for Sharing: Using phuse R package as an example"
    • Wendy: EU/CSS not to run a poster session
  • P08 - ADW: Analysis and Display White papers (Mary Nilsson)
    • Have a big goal on Q3 and Q4
    • Working on asking MedDRA MSSO to take back creating gender- and pediatric-specifics lists
  • P09 - TDF: Test Data Factory (Peter Schaefer)
    • Almost finished with updating SDTM pilot data - target is the end of July
    • Perhaps someone from the R group can help work on some issues with generated xpt files
    • Github has a size limit - running into data that is bigger than the limit
    • We need to talk about the "dirty data" in the future meeting; we may not clean the CDISC data but we need to be able to simulate the "dirty data" so that we could demo the tools to identify the "dirty data"
Action items
  • Hanming to send an announcement to the WG listbox for the PhUSE EU/CSS materials: it is already concluded and not enough people to sign up so it did not happen for our working group.
  • Jared to recruit more people for CPE and create a list of up-coming events: still on-going
  • Hanming to post the slide for ASA - done
  • Mary will remind JumpStart reps about which scripts are used more (cc Rebeka, Alfredo, Hanming) - done