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Meeting Record

When: 09:00 am - 10:00 am, 03Sep2014
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Hanming Tu
Scribe: Hanming Tu
Attendance: Mary, Dante, Hanming, Adie, Steve
Excused: Mat, Mike

  1. Steering committee - Mary
  2. Review action items
  3. Outreach update
    1. PhUSE Annual Conference
    2. Other conferences?
    3. Dirk: For the CSS communications I need to provide “expected list of activities including new projects and deliverables“ (up until the next CSS conference). Can you please discuss this during today’s meeting?
    4. Mary: a workshop for one day after CSS meeting with TransCelerate, ADaM team, PRG team, and FDA (?)
  4. Project Update
    1. P02: Qualification of scripts in the repository

General discussion

  • Steering committee - Mary
    • Communication team: crossing all the groups - newsletter, group highlights; we will be asked to provide content for the newsletter; monthly newsletter
    • Process committee: one place to go for tools for all the groups; whitepaper deliverable need to go through the steering committee before it goes out; Dirk will work on the communication and the process.
      • Process for approving things before they are released; this applies to all the groups. Mary will ask about the release of the index page.
    • Discussion about the conference structure: how to strike the balance between conference time and work session.

  • Action items completed:
    • Schedule semi-annually TC for the whole standard script group - Hanming
      • After DIA conference:
      • Dirk: office will consolidate the emails and put into one mailing list for the whole standard script group; it is done -!!!
      • Dirk: webnar was discussed for all the CSS participants
      • The agenda will be the project update
    • FDA plan for releasing the rest of scripts - Steve/Mat
      • meeting every month and will bring it up again
      • still work on it
    • Update communication plan to include new deadlines for year 2015 - Dirk [in progress]
    • resend out the email about volunteers - Mary forwarded the email to Dante
  • Outreach update
    • Steve presented at Computational Science Symposium about Standard Script
    • Discussed the need to build communication plan for year 2015
    • What we want to do for DIA EuroMeeting: broad for general discussion or joint one with TransCelerate
    • ISCB: Mary is working on a poster for it.
    • DIA EuroMeeting: we still have time to prepare abstracts fro sessions and posters
    • PhUSE Annual Conference: we will take the two spots but we need to figure out the logistic for printing and presenting the posters
      • Two posters for PhUSE annual conference
        • whitepaper poster: paper is ready to go; Mary will work on the poster;
        • repository poster: Hanming sent the content to Mike; Mike is working on it (due on 9/5). Hanming is working on the poster - formatting to PhUSE size. Mike is working on the slides for the presentation.
      • Prepare for October scriptathon - PhUSE annual meeting
        • Prep whitepaper to define targets: a meeting scheduled tomorrow to discuss the details.
        • Recruit volunteers through registration - Dirk to follow up on this
      • PhUSE annual meeting - main session: Chris Decker's hosting;we need to prepare 10 minutes
    • CTSPedia: Mary Banach
  • Project Update
    • P01: Look for existing scripts and store them in the repository (Adie Bonwick and Aiyu Li)

Ongoing - Aiyu/Adie will work on uploading the script and creating YML file for each script.

      • Find out the rest of the scripts from FDA
      • Finished work and already uploaded the scripts but need to create metadata (yml) files
      • Look into MEAD code for repository?
      • Adie will go to the annual conference and talk to FDA about the rest of the scripts from FDA
    • P02: Define qualification steps for scripts in the repository (Dante Di Tommaso) - Dante
      • get up speed for the history of the project
      • test data for qualification
      • script and tests to be executed in different environments
      • GOALS: 1) define qualification stages: C (contributed), D (developed), T (tested), and Q (qualified); 2) work flow (process): a) developer; b) code reviewer; c) testers: test data and steps; d) users: executed (qualified) in two different environments by at least two users; e) whitepaper reviewer.
      • will start recruiting for those roles.
      • Dante gave presentation on the proposed qualification plan. The presentation can be found at File:WG5 P02 Proposal - 2014.pptx.
    • P03: Maintain and enhance platform (repository) for sharing scripts (Mike Carniello/Hanming Tu) - Mike
      • Got scripts from Scriptathon at PhUSE/CSS
      • Targets are defined for PharmaSUG scriptathon; 20 people signed up
      • Jeff Low - run scriptathon against EDC system such as MediData Rave: dataflow creating SDTM dataset from medidata

• The CSS Scriptathon code is well indexed (as you know) • One more script came in recently, needs to be added (Mike to follow up) • PharmaSUG scripts need to be added (follow up Mike and Nancy B) • Annual conference Scriptathon still planned (October 2014)

    • P04: Legal ownership and issues in open source repository (Sally Cassells)

Task completed, creating a summary is planned

    • P05: Create templates and metadata for documenting scripts and coding practices (Jean-Marc Ferran and Eric Sun) - N/A
    • P07: Implement and further develop communication plan for standard scripts (Dirk Spruck) - Dirk: no more update
      • Newsletters: materialized quickly from newsletters
      • Webinars regularly
      • FDA Industry workshop - Steve
      • DIA Annual meeting: deadline in the middle of September
      • Mary: a workshop for one day after CSS meeting with TransCelerate, ADaM team, PRG team, and FDA (?)
    • P08: Create white papers providing recommended display and analysis including Table, List and Figure shells (Mary Nilsson) - Mary
      • two whitepapres will be ready for public review
      • One whitepaper is out for review
      • MeDRA Code:

Follow up

Action Items
  • FDA plan for releasing the rest of scripts - Steve/Mat
    • meeting every month and will bring it up again
  • Update communication plan to include new deadlines for year 2015 - Dirk [in progress]
    • Recruit couple of volunteers for P07 to work on updating the communication plan
  • Corresponding with TransCelerate - Mary
    • There will be a sub-group to work on this
  • Reach out to ADaM team - Mary
    • Through the same forum; through TransCelerate
  • Send out reminders to all project leads for the coming TC - Hanming
    • Time: in the fourth week of September
    • Reminder to project leads to prepare slides
  • MAED code in repository - Mary
    • will work with P01 (Adie)
    • the third source for the repository

Next Meeting

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Wednesday)
We will conduct this meeting once every other week (twice a month).

Agenda for next meeting: Next meeting: TBD

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