SSAWG April 21 2016

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Standards Scripts and Analyses Working Group Notes April 21 2016

1. Introduction and quick review of CSS meeting – Mike C

Participants -- paste this in ---

2. Establish Working Group Leadership

P01 - SDA: Script discovery and acquisition Rebeka Revis (Lilly, worked on these) ; <Somebody at Accenture, Somebody who worked on the initial scripts from FDA>

P02 - RCD: Repository content and delivery Peter Schaefer and Gustav Bernard; FDA Liaison: Mat Soukup

P03 - RGI: Repository governance and infrastructure Mike Carniello and Hanming Tu

P07 - CPE: Communication, Promotion and Education Jared Slain and Wendy Dobson

P08 - ADW: Analysis and Display White papers Mary Nilsson

3. Establish next steps – splitting into groups and then re-grouping

The leads will break out into their respective P0X groups? Answer = Yes.

We went through with all callers and identified what P0X group they are in (one or more).

Should we meet again, across P01, P02, P03, P07, P08 ???

Yes - but first have a couple of "local" meetings before re-grouping.


Mike - schedule some time for late June for this whole group. P0X leads to schedule time with their groups to start that level of work.

Script discovery and acquisition (SDA)

  • Discover and acquire: FDA scripts, etc.
  • Create documents for contributed scripts if the author does not have
  • Review and test: contributed

Repository content and delivery (RCD)

  • Create technical requirement docs
  • Create new scripts
  • Conduct qualification for the developed scripts

Repository governance and infrastructure (RGI)

  • Define naming conventions and folder structures
  • Define qualification process and required documents
  • Maintain the repository