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This contributor guide is intended to promote consistency across the SEND Implementation Wiki articles.

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As a wiki, any registered users are free to edit content. In this way, the wiki articles act as living documents. However, to prevent needless moderation and edits, please abide by the general rules in this page. For a general how-to for working with wiki pages, see the Wiki FAQ.

Please make attempts to place new content in the right section. If the content added merits its own section, then place in a sensible place within the outline of the document (the table of contents is a good guide for this task).

In general the content of the Wiki pages are understood to be a product of the collaboration of this group and industry members. At times it is desirable to indicate authorship of certain statements, such as those by a specific FDA employee. Please confirm with the person first. There may be times that such a reference is required and other times when it must not be attributed.


Question Order
Place your new question near others on similar topics. Consider where your new contribution best fits in the sequence of questions.

Each question is bolded followed by <br> with the answer beginning on the following line. Then a blank line separates the answer from the next question. Consistently following this help make the visual appearance of the page easier to follow, both in view and edit mode.

Referring to another question
When referring to another question take the question title verbatim and reference in quotes. The structure of the Wiki does not permit hyperlinks; so, just copy the text of the question's title so the user can use it in search tools to find it. Use a double quotation mark symbol at the beginning and end of the title. This should make the reference clearer. Example reference:

The meaning of the initials in the word SEND are described in the answer to "What is SEND?"

Changing the title of a question
When changing the title of a question make sure to search for any cases where it is referenced and update them too. For example, if it were desirable to change What is SEND? to be What does SEND stand for?, search for the text What is SEND? and update each match that is intended to be a reference to this question.

Make answers concise
This helps readers to find the questions that interest them. Supply a short brief answer. If desired the rationale can then be described. If the rationale is more than about 1/4 screen, create a new page for this content and a link to it.

Provide alternate ways of asking the same question
If you can think of additional ways that people might commonly ask the same question, put the most common one first, bolded, and then each alternate version below it in italics. Example wiki code:
<b>Main way of asking</b><br>
<i>Another way of asking</i><br>
<i>Yet another way of asking</i>

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