SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2019-01-14

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For other minutes, see the SEND Implementation User Group Minutes page.



Meetings occur every 4 weeks, at 10-11am EDT.


Participant Attended
Troy Smyrnios X
Debra Oetzman X
Audrey Walker
Bill Houser
Brett Coupland
Brian Argo X
Carrie Neeley
Cheryl Sloan
Christy Kubin X
Dan Potenta
Donna Danduone
Frederic Mura
Jamie Megna
Jennifer Feldmann
Jeff Foy
Kathy Powers
Kev Martin
Linda Hunt
Lou Ann Kramer X
Louis Norton
Lynda Sands
Mike Wasko
Pam Hills-Perry
Peggy Zorn
Sarah Obbers
Sue DeHaven
Wenxian Wang


Special Topics

  • Member revamp
    • Attendance in last year
    • Poll for new time
    • Cut?
      • Attended in last year (exception: Peggy)
      • Answered poll
    • Next steps
      • After poll close, troy send summary to Debra
      • Debra tweak
      • Troy new meeting series



Review Forum

Current Issues

No new questions. Last:

  • Question ts.xpt and study tagging file references to study ID (here)
    • Answered
    • Debra: add TCG answer

Open Issues

Review News Page

SEND Implementation News

  • Replied to recent news item on TCG




  • SEND between Organizations [[[SEND Implementation Wiki - SEND between Organizations|SEND between Organizations]]
    • Review begun
    • Numerous updates
    • Left off at Partnership-level Points to Consider (Detailed): "Define file"
  • PC/PP Template ([Template to Facilitate Creating Pharmacokinetic SEND Datasets])
    • Review this

  • Google-izing
    • Standout icon/box things
      • Super stand-out of FAQ on main and some other pages
    • Main page - link overload
      • Fundamentals - reorg under send fundamentals
      • Entry points for brand new user are SEND Fundamentals and Getting SEND-ready
    • FAQ - first glimpse into page is crazy
      • maybe expand first sentence - say what TOC is, idea of search, etc.
      • reduce/remove all links in favor of template links
      • Basics - remove header
    • News not pretty or obvious - make it stand out as not the forum
      • To initiate, confusing what this is
        • needs better header to make it more clear what it is (specifically not the forum)
        • Example of nice version:
        • currently resource constrained
        • Next step #1: PhUSE core team item to evaluate news status quo vs future - get attendee list
        • Next step #2: header
        • Next step #3: email how to use reminder
    • ACTION: Troy to draft text for FAQ and Forum links

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
Troy Simplify home page Next meeting

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