SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2017-11-13

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When: 2017-11-13, 10:00am-11:00am EDT
Place: Telecon

For other minutes, see the SEND Implementation User Group Minutes page.



Next meeting: 2017-12-11 10-11am EDT

Meetings: 4 week schedule


Participant Attended
Troy Smyrnios X
Audrey Walker
Bill Houser
Brian Argo
Carrie Neeley
Cheryl Sloan X
Christy Kubin
Dan Potenta
Debra Oetzman X
Donna Danduone
Frederic Mura
Jamie Megna
Jennifer Feldmann
Jeff Foy
Kathy Powers
Kev Martin
Linda Hunt
Lou Ann Kramer
Louis Norton
Lynda Sands
Mike Wasko X
Pam Hills-Perry
Peggy Zorn
Sarah Obbers
Sue DeHaven
Wenxian Wang



  • Google-izing
    • Standout icon/box things
      • Super stand-out
      • Simple Tagline, icon or something for wiki and forum
    • Main page - link overload
      • Fundamentals - bury under send fundamentals
      • Pages as outline further down or baked
      • Entry points for brand new user are SEND Fundamentals and Getting SEND-ready
    • FAQ - first glimpse into page is crazy
      • maybe expand first sentence - say what TOC is, idea of search, etc.
      • reduce/remove all links in favor of template links
      • Basics - remove header
    • News not pretty or obvious - make it stand out as not the forum
      • To initiate, confusing what this is
        • needs better header to make it more clear what it is (specifically not the forum)
        • Example of nice version:
        • currently resource constrained
        • Next step #1: PhUSE core team item to evaluate news status quo vs future - get attendee list
        • Next step #2: header
        • Next step #3: email how to use reminder
  • NEXT MEETING: define which links should be present on
    • FAQ and Forum
    • ACTION: Sue to send Troy emails of page admin, and to instantly change URL to main wiki page.
    • ACTION: Troy to draft text for FAQ and Forum links



Review Forum

  • Questions for FDA submissions
    • Previously answered (redirect to FDA inboxes)
  • Question on support end of 3.0
    • Previously answered
  • Question on PCCAT as "Analyte"
    • Partially answered. Debra may take open part of question to PC/PP team
  • Question on example nSDRG 5.3 Errors cases
    • Provided examples
  • Question on non-standard result
    • Provided more to answer.
    • Problem statement:

DOSDUR and TRMSAC wording is currently problematic and could result in people putting the wrong value while following the literal text.

DOSDUR Should be populated as the number of days or weeks where dosing occurs. Mathematically: The last planned {day or week} of dosing and subtract the first planned {day or week} of dosing and add 1.

TRMSAC Should be populated as the number of days or weeks where dosing occurs. Mathematically: The first planned {day or week} of terminal disposition and subtract the first planned {day or week} of dosing and add 1.

Example: Day Week Event 1 1 Dose 8 2 Dose 15 3 Dose 22 4 Dose 23 4 Sac Answer would be: P3W (3 weeks elapsed) Answer should be: P4W

Introduce as issue for core.

    • Previously answered

Open Questions

  • Search for datasets/tabulation/legacy
    • Audrey to ask about a listing of datasets with preferred location/path
    • Probably will make sense to add FAQ item when dust settles
    • 2017-08-21 update: sent Lou Ann an agenda item to get examples
  • Dataset Column Length
    • Debra to send email to Ben re adding this item to list
  • PC unscheduled
    • PC/PP Team to deliberate (Audrey and Debra to raise)

Review News Page

SEND Implementation News


  • SEND FAQ - Big update in near future re: 3.1
    • Known Issues: Updated
    • FAQ: timing update started

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
 ?  ? Next meeting

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