SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2015-01-12

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When: 2015-01-12, 10:00am-11:00am EST
Place: Telecon



Participant Attended
Troy Smyrnios X
Lynda Sands
Audrey Walker
Bill Houser X
Cheryl Sloan
Dan Potenta X
Debra Oetzman
Donna Danduone
Frederic Mura
Jennifer Feldmann
Jeff Foy
Kathy Powers
Kev Martin
Lou Ann Kramer
Louis Norton
Marc Ellison X
Mike Wasko X
Pam Hills-Perry
Peggy Zorn X
Sarah Obbers
Tom Ratcliffe
Wenxian Wang X


Next meeting: 2015-02-09 10-11am EST

Meetings: 4 week schedule



    • Some attendees
    • May soft conflict with SEND/other conferences (back to back weeks)
    • New teams may be forming - opportunity to voice priorities, etc. and for newer people to jump in




  • Forum up
  • Basic
  • Subscription via RSS
  • Cons
    • Have momentum with current forum - don't want to lose it. No complaints, lot of people like it. Cost of change, people having to map new links, etc.
    • Integrated with rest of content/wiki - if we were to move, would want the wiki to move too. The definitive answer is on phuse, so it would be goofy having the definitive site out on a different area
    • Easy to point people to - doesn't require login
    • Current implementation has gotten more use than most other forums/etc.
    • Notification
      • Emails under DISQUS are super nice - 0 energy to start
      • Can be done with outlook and RSS, but takes some steps (see PhUSE Wiki - Subscribing to Pages) and RSS knowhow is limited in the community - would need more steps for outlook
    • Forum looks dead already; plus, history of disuse (worth a discussion with current admins on removing some sub-forums)
    • CDISC is developing standards, PhUSE is implementing/support, so it makes sense to have it where it is
    • Migration? Would be easier to drop old content, but then that is a disadvantage
  • Pros
    • Easier to reference past discussions
    • Search feature searches text of forum posts (Covered currently with our practice of surfacing important info up to the wiki - where the info is better framed)
    • CDISC is natural place to find it organically for those who heard about SEND and want to find out more (although we are currently #2 on Google search)
  • Equal
    • Google searches hit both the phuse content and cdisc forum posts

Action Items:

  • Questions:
    • Adminning people
    • Creating/managing subforums (can you move threads in and out)
    • Creating/managing users
    • (feedback) going in right direction, but would need suite of tools all together
  • Could we put a link to the PhUSE forum now? Reference on the CDISC SEND page?

Main reasons:

  • (Pro) natural place people look
  • (Con) current implementation is integrated and has a lot of momentum and is easy to use

Broadcasting presence of forum capability

  • Additional outlets for socializing forum:
    • (Troy) CDISC: ping Diana on adding to newsletter and adding to the SEND page where IG is posted (links to wiki/forum)
      • 2014-07-28: Pinged
      • 2014-09-22: Maybe try note to general CDISC
      • 2014-11-21: Got in contact with a contact from CDISC; note to be added
    • (Jeff) SOT, Regulatory section: ask about getting an article in one of the quarterly newsletters - main and/or regionals. Jeff will ask on what type of format, etc. they'd expect
      • 2014-09-22: sent request to Regulatory and Safety Evaluation specialty section at SOT
      • 2015-01-12: On SOT site
    • (Jeff) ACT: Jeff may know a contact to give a first shot at it
      • 2014-09-22: president of ACT
    • (Donna) The IQ group (htp:// cold call
      • 2014-07-28: In Progress - Donna spoke to part of board Mahalaya Marshall, who is interested (email, site, etc.?), talking to Maggie Lou
      • 2014-08-25: Pinged again

Review Forum

  • Question on which types of roles to work on SEND implementation - could use some more information on the Getting SEND-ready page
    • Forming the Implementation Team
      • Add to the SEND readiness page?
      • Organization size dependent - small companies have very few and not specialized job roles
      • Roles/skills instead of job titles? - if you don't have then need to contract for
      • Show some basic cases - like outsource everything, non-GLP lab, etc.
    • Maintenance/Support?
      • Roles/skills/etc.?
    • (Troy) Make frame of page

Review News Page

News link

  • None


  • None

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
Troy Create frame of roles/skills section of Getting SEND-ready Next meeting
Debra Add FAQ entry for Genetic Tox question from forum Next meeting
Donna Contact the IQ group ( Next meeting

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