SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2013-01-21

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When: 2013-01-21, 10:00am-11:00pm EST
Place: Telecon



Participant Attended
Lynda Sands X
Troy Smyrnios X
Jennifer Feldmann
Jeff Foy
Lou Ann Kramer
Bill Houser
Frederic Mura
Louis Norton
Sarah Obbers
Debra Oetzman X
Audrey Walker
Wenxian Wang
Peggy Zorn


Next meeting: 2013-02-18 10-11am EST

New meeting freq? 1 per 4 wk?
Meetings: 4 weeks, then 6 weeks (since 4 weeks after is during phuse conference), then 4 week schedule



Waiting on phUSE

Moderation - after phuse forum is up? possibly ask larger SEND groups for volunteers


Ready to (unofficially) broadcast!

Lynda question on submission through test gateway - to investigate, add to faq page


Ready to (unofficially) broadcast

  • Troy to hit all of the SEND groups (core, CT, repro)
  • Team to forward to anyone they can think of

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
Team Broadcast existence of wiki Next telecon
Team Collate any comments/questions received for next meeting Next telecon
Troy Wait for phUSE forum wiki creation (awaiting response)
Troy Ask phUSE people about ability to move posts (awaiting response)
Troy Ask phUSE people about ability to vote posts up/down in forum (awaiting response)

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