SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2012-10-29

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When: 2012-10-29, 10:00am-11:00pm EST
Place: Telecon



Participant Attended
Lynda Sands
Troy Smyrnios X
Jennifer Feldmann X
Jeff Foy X
Lou Ann Kramer
Bill Houser
Frederic Mura
Louis Norton
Sarah Obbers X
Debra Oetzman X
Audrey Walker
Wenxian Wang
Peggy Zorn


Next meeting: TBD (Troy to send out poll)



  • Showed prototype of a sub-wiki that the phUSE admins are able to set up for us
    • Free add-on for the wiki
    • Unlike the main "phUSE Forum", this forum integrates with the wiki (same user account works for both)
    • Appears to have functionality we'd need
  • Moderation
    • Crowdsourcing will be good to field some of the answers, but needs watch, official answers, etc.
    • Provide plan to send team to see who would volunteer, rotating membership, etc.
    • Vote up/down / "was this helpful" - ask phuse people if this is possible (Troy)



  • Reviewed edata questions
    • Revised timing question per news on guidance. Is more general now.
    • Noted that several questions were relayed to Tim for possible FDA weigh-in
  • Open questions:
    • EXPENDTC - add CCT item (Debra/Troy)
    • Decision to move open questions to new Open Questions section (Troy to do housekeeping)
    • Question on multiple LB results with same test/method but different units - existing CCT item (Troy to check)
  • Final call on the FAQ - last chance for review/polish before we're good to go. Note that the page will still be evolving; the consensus was just that it had reached critical mass and is now ready and valuable.


Substitute meeting time needed for next meeting; Troy to send out poll for make-up time.

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
Team Final touches on FAQ before moving on Next telecon
Team Review outline of other pages (e.g., SEND/CT/Define Fundamentals and Getting SEND-ready) Next telecon
Team Provide feedback / edits on forum content so far Next telecon
Troy Ask phUSE people about ability to vote posts up/down in forum
Troy Wait for Tim as to whether validation rules are posted somewhere central Open

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