SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2012-07-23

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When: 2012-07-23, 11:00am-12:00pm EST
Place: Telecon



Participant Attended
Lynda Sands X
Troy Smyrnios X
Jennifer Feldmann
Lou Ann Kramer
Bill Houser X
Frederic Mura
Louis Norton
Sarah Obbers X
Debra Oetzman X
Audrey Walker
Wenxian Wang X
Peggy Zorn


Next meeting: 2012-08-06, 11-12 EST


Terms of Use

The Contribute, Contribute, Contribute section may need to be altered after we arrive at a strategy for security of the pages. For instance, if the pages are locked down, then the tone may be more along the lines of "contact the administrator(s) with ideas".

Otherwise, good as is for now.


TBD later, after page content shapes





Discussed purpose of categories.

  • Akin to tags
  • Purpose of coming up with an initial list is to prevent inconsistent tagging as content is added
  • Added a few categories (PK)

The team agreed that the list is good now for an initial list; will evolve over time.


No comments on the latest strawman. Troy will create skeleton pages for each and notify team to begin adding content. The first focus will be on the FAQ page.


Troy gave a brief crash course on using the wiki, including how to navigate, edit, and use some basic formatting, such as headers, lists, and links.

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
Troy Create skeleton pages per strawman 1-4 days
Team Familiarize with using wiki; try out an edit or 2 Next telecon (8/6)
Team Begin contributing to FAQ page Next telecon (8/6)

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